Documentary: Fear Not The Path Of Truth

In my humble opinion the destruction of Fallujah was a false flag operation in order to antagonize the people of Iraq and step up the destruction of that country leading into what is happening now.

I have not had time to watch this documentary and will look at it tonight but the sheer courage of this man to go back to his participation into what will probably be remembered as one of the biggest war crimes in the long line of war crimes committed by the US and NATO troop has my admiration.

Suffering from PTSD probably and from his own comments for a time at least a heavy drinker trying to self medicate Ross Caputi made an hour and a half long documentary about what he found out about the Siege and his and his armies role in the events.

I think it is very timely to watch this documentary in order to learn about the destruction of the city and the country surrounding it with war criminals like Tony Blair trying to wash their bloody hands of all responsibility.



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