John Key Visits Obama During Iraq Crisis. Will NZ Soldiers Die For A UN Security Council Seat ?

It is no secret that John Key wanted to send soldiers to Iraq in 2005. He wanted to do so in order to get more trade and be in with the bog boys. Never mind it was the little guys in army fatigues who would have to die  there is need be.

Here he is screaming his head of in true Hitlerian fashion:

At the time Helen Clarke was wiser if she did send Kiwi’s to Iraq as shady backroom operators.

At the moment Iraq is plunging back into  what I can only describe as the dark ages with Mad Max arms and scenes of abject deprivation and mayhem with whole slews of police and soldiers being massacred by well armed and financed “al Qaeda” “jihadis”

Until now the  US has ruled out that they would assist the government but stealthily increased their troops and ships in the region.

The US army has been exhausted over the last 13 years of ever increasing wars and with the Ukraine exploding into civil war with a very angry Russia waiting in the wings to take back lost territory it is conceivable that more cannon fodder from other recently signed on to NATO countries is required to maintain the global bloodshed.

John Key signed us on to NATO with a brand spanking new NATO treaty in June 2012 so don’t be surprised when he comes back to find that he has signed the NZ army on to provide our own cannon fodder to die in another godforsaken illegal war of aggression. This time to save the Iraqis from “al Qaeda”. That mysterious group which sprung out of nowhere with hundreds of big expensive Toyotas and the best weapons big money can buy.

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