On The USS Liberty Attack Or How Israel Loves False Flag Attacks

During the 6 day war in which Israel waged an illegal war on Egypt and conquered the Sinaï Area something happened that not many people here in New Zealand know about.

The Israeli airforce and Navy also conducted an attack on an American war ship which was at the time in international waters and only had 4 machine guns as defensive weapons on board. The ship was called the USS Liberty and the incident served as a gateway to involve  the US in the aggression. It wasn;t until much later when sailors from the ship started to demand an investigation that it became indeed clear that the ship had been destroyed by Israeli jets with rockets and napalm and the Israely nNAvy with torpedoes.

Here is a short video to give you the story in a nutshell but if you want to know more go to this website as your starting point.

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