Does John Key Need Criminals To Stay In Power?

 “They have the potential to damage the reputations of ALL members of Parliament. I call on Helen Clark to initiate a process for inquiring properly into these serious matters,” Dr Brash when allegations of corruption emerged against Taito Phillips.

If you need any more proof after Bill English’s double dipping, Oravida and Judith Collins, Dunne, Pansy Wong and some whose names have gotten lost in the mist of time, that the current National Party has absolutely no moral compass you only have to look at the news that the ex-minister of police John Banks, guilty of electoral fraud and corruption and awaiting sentencing which could very well include jail time will be allowed to hang on to his job.

It goes to show that John “watch video below” Key has absolutely no morals when it comes to keeping this government in place to implement his masters bidding. And I say that a Prime Minister who needs a corrupt criminal politician who took money from citizens consciously avoiding the law while doing it to  stay in power does not deserve that position. Not in a country that prides its self in being governed by the rule of law and where we are all supposed to be equal under that law.

Here is a nice compilation of John Key’s lies to watch:

I don’t know about your average National voter but I think that most of them are law abiding hardworking people who voted for National after the Taito Phillips scandal erupted, who wanted criminals behind bars and who wanted transparent government from people they perceived to be their true representatives. One can only hope that this blatant disregard for their sensitivities after the Oravida/Judith Collins scandal and the memory of the other scandals such as Pansy Wong and her travel expenses and Bill English’s double dipping will final start to haunt Jon “the Teflon Don” Key and the voters will finally say enough is enough.

But I won’t hold my breath because the MSM has already started the campaign to white wash the crimes of John Banks this morning by making this a “the Judge sided with Dotcom” issue rather than a “this man knowingly received money from multiple parties but told them to donate in a specific way so they would be  anonymous” one. It is disgraceful and wicked and shame on those journalists who now refuse to speak up as they did in the Mana/Internet party deal.

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