John Banks Found Guilty!!! Here’s What I Would Like To See!

So the Judge found John Banks guilty? Great! Here is what  I would like to see as punishment. No, I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking the guillotine as I have given people in the past the guillotine award when they showed themselves to be of the “let them eat cake” persuasion. 

I would like to see the guillotine saved for the real scumbags when their time comes: The bankers (and yes that includes John Key) judged by not a jury of their peers because we all know what happens then, royalty, Corporate bigwigs could all be handed to the guillotine operator after a proper court convicts them of the crimes they are committing. Crimes against humanity for example, Ecocide is another and war crimes I would also like to have them judged by but John Banks… John Banks other than a venal corrupt little servant of the system is nothing compared to those people. He reminds me of the little town scumbag who after years of venality, greed and small time corruption (I mean what the fuck, only $ 60.000 in total. That is peanuts!) gets his comeuppance. And only gets his comeuppance because otherwise powerless people (No offense P. you’re an epic battler), aided by one really rich dude he pissed off a bit too much cooperate to bring his little empire down.

So I would like the punishment to reflect his puny worthless little life he used to destroy and bully otherwise perfectly nice people in pursuit of his own venal little dreams. And I have come up with another wonderful medieval contraption: The Pillory!

I suggest that for three days he will be nailed to the pillory (and I am happy for him to have a good night sleep in Kim Dotcom’t cell with a nice thin mattress before being nailed to the pillory again every). I would extend an open invitation to the people he has bullied or otherwise terrorized with his venal, greedy, corrupt, sleazy self promotion  to come when they please and during that time throw a selection of rotting food, eggs and fecal matter in his face. See… I am not even promoting anything really nasty. No pain, no poison (Although he may wish for that of course in the course of his punishment) but oh, I almost forgot he will be required to wear a different best suit he paid for himself every day this happens!

Now for the Prime Minister who thought it was a good idea to have a cup of tea with John Banks so he could piggyback a ride with John “this government is stable” Key…..

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