David Cunliffe Does Not Like MMP When It Concerns The Left?

Forgot to link to this: A nice article from Cris Trotter calling for Cunliffe to start owning up or to fuck off!

I don’t know about you but I have never heard David Cunliffe complain about the coat-tail provision or any other abuse of MMP provisions for that matter when National weaseled John Banks and Dunne into their government in order to  be ab e to loot New Zealand blind and bring in all kinds of laws and rules and regs to diminish the proper functioning of our democracy so why start now?

Oh wait!!! David Cunliffe is just the other head of the same dragon! Voting for Cunliffe is voting for TTPA, looting and further undermining of our democracy. Either don’t vote or vote with your heart and let’s face it; for lefties that is most definitely not David “Let’s not talk about real issues” Cunliffe or Russel “Let’s tax the people more for less” Norman for that matter!

If we can’t win our country back in the next election then let’s at least get a real opposition going and say fuck it to the wet rags pretending to be one now!

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