Hillary Memoir Makes Osama Killing It’s Centre Piece. Now Expose The Lying Bitch For The Psycho She Is!

Hillary Clinton apparently thinks that the false flag of “killing” Osama bin Laden is her ticket to the white house. The entire operation is so ridiculous and open to discrediting that this should be great news to all of us truthers out there. So what are we waiting for?

Here she is laughing about how she killed Gaddafi:

The book is called Hard Choices, and its title refers in part to one of the hardest Hillary Rodham Clinton faced as secretary of state.

Three years after the killing of Osama bin Laden, the military raid to hunt down the fugitive al Qaeda leader stands out as the riskiest national security decision of the Obama administration. Clinton’s staunch backing for the raid now has the potential to become one of the most politically rewarding decisions of her tenure, making it little surprise that the episode is expected to be a centrepiece of her forthcoming memoir.

Clinton has yet to declare her intention to campaign for the presidency in 2016, but Republicans are looking for vulnerabilities in her record while at the State Department – from her management of the chaotic aftermath of the Arab Spring to the difficult US relationship with Russia to the deaths of four Americans in Libya on her watch.

The book is in some respects Clinton’s preemptive strike.

Even before the release, a review of Clinton’s limited public remarks on the mission, as well as the recollections of others in the Obama administration, make the outlines of her role fairly clear. She gave unwavering support for the raid into Pakistan almost as soon as she heard it might be possible, and before President Barack Obama had made up his mind.

Through weeks of sometimes heated White House debate in 2011, Clinton was alone among the president’s topmost cabinet officers to back it. Vice President Joe Biden, a potential political rival for Clinton in 2016, opposed it. So did then-Defence Secretary Robert Gates.

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