Luke Rudkowski and Dan Dicks Arrested at Bilderberg for Filming The Organisation Ladies!

The Bilderberg meeting is taking place in Denmark this year. The annual meeting of the worlds richest and best connected people discussing world affairs in a secret meeting should of course attract attention from every journalist around the globe. And not just from journalists but every human being. What are these rich and well connected people discussing after all but the future of their businesses and interests and those are intricately linked with how we the rest of humanity has to live their lives.

Whether you are a Nigerian caught in the crossfires between “Boko Haran” and US/NATO troops training African troops too kill and maim or a Kiwi  living on the West Coast trying to fight of Anadarko or surprised at John Key’s callousness, A Pakistani no longer being able to pump water out of the ground to feed his cattle because Nestlé has bought the groundwater to be bottled for Europe  or a slightly obese woman going about her business being shot in the back in Ukraine merely for living on top of one of the biggest gas fields in Europe. All of them have one thing in common: We’re in the way of the interests of those meeting at the next Bilderberg meeting.

Because the  mainstream media tells us that Hollywood celebrities meeting for their annual narcissistic ego boost is more important than a secret meeting of the worlds richest and most connected people we rely on people like Luke Rudowski from We Are Change and Dan Dicks from Press For Truth to  be the courageous risk taking private citizen journalists that they are and it is no surprise they were arrested in the run up of the next Bilderberg meetup. This time in the Marriott hotel in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen.


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