Introducing the New York High-Rise Safety Initiative!

On 9/11 three steel framed towers collapsed both inward and outward as a result of two planes impacting two of them. The tower not impacted by a plane had been reinforced twice to with stand a close range nuclear blast.

The official explanation was that 19 young Muslims had hijacked 4 Boeing 747’s and had managed to fly three of them into respectively the Pentagon and the Two twin towers of the World Trade complex in New York.

The problem with this story is that never before and never after any steel framed building even burning fiercer than any of the buildings impacted on that day has ever collapsed due to carbon fires. In fact the NIST explanation that building 7 had collapsed defied all logic and science known to mankind today.

This is why concerned New York Citizens are calling for a new High -rise safety initiative. They live after all surrounded by steel frame highrises. Most of them not reinforced to withstand a close range nuclear blast. What if any of those buildings catches fires just like building 7 and comes down in free  fall speed after only a couple of hours of minor office fires? You’d want to know that they authorities did everything in their power to prevent that wouldn’t you?

So for all my American readers please got to their site and sign the petition!. Let’s give this initiative the support it needs!

And for all my global readers please spread this initiative around via Facebook and Twitter to help the organizers get some more traction and if you have any money laying around please donate as much as you can to help them publicize and keep it going!


2 thoughts on “Introducing the New York High-Rise Safety Initiative!

  1. What a crock of shit, no plane brought those towers down, it was a inside job, all three buildings where controlled demolitions

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