So John Key Does Not Want You To Demonstrate Outside His house?

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” proverb Anonymous.

John Key has a problem with 30 people holding a peaceful candlelight vigil outside his house after  he confessed to supporting and condoning extrajudicial killing with a weapon of terror because maybe sometimes it takes out a “bad” person. In fact he thinks it is downright not done to protest outside of any politicians home because that is private family time.

What gets me with people like John Key is that he feels entitled to being left alone in and around his home while finding it totally normal that other people are being invaded, terrorized, killed and raided at the mere whim of a politician (steered by a puppet master or not) very far away from where they live. In fact he has been instrumental in doing just plenty of the above.

For this purpose John Key has signed a brand spanking new treaty with NATO which I might add has not been questioned or protested by Labour or the Greens.  He celebrated this by sending Frigate te Mana to patrol the Western Indian Ocean with a Ship from another NATO partner. That partner being Ukraine which just had their legal government overthrown in favor of a Bankster stooge now newly replaced by a Chocolate oligarch

John Key in his admission of providing information to international spy organizations with information which could be used to perform illegal extra judicial killings which contrary to John Key are not legal but in fact very illegal has admitted to crimes against humanity and terrorism. This resulted in the death of Kiwi Daryl Jones. We only have John Key’s word for it that he was indeed a trained terrorist fighting the Western world. That is a bit like believing a Mafia Don who brags about killing his enemies because they threatened local playground even though they were in another country at the time.

John Key also presided over two military exercises in New Zealand. The first was on the North Island. It was an exercise in how to fight an insurgency supported by the local population. For those of you who do not understand this: If an insurgency is supported by a local population it almost invariably is a local population fighting an invasion of what they consider a hostile population other than their own. In international law invading a country is a war crime. Countries are allowed to defend themselves for sure but that is all. Period!

The second exercise which was held with 9 other NATO members or soon to be NATO members was about regime change (Funny how that happened just recently in the Ukraine eh?) The scenario was as follows: The president of an unnamed country doesn’t want to step down after an election and the armies of these 10 countries including New Zealand invade this country and force the President to step down. During the exercise part of the local population demonstrates against the invaders and the invading army has to set up road blocks to stop them from doing their job.

This suggests that the population itself is divided over the political situation and as such it is very much an internal situation in a sovereign country and again this type of aggressive invasion is a war crime. Wat’s more, training these types of situations is in and of itself a crime against humanity.

So when John Key complaints about 30 people holding a candlelight vigil outside his house he should consider himself lucky. Usually the people use Pitchforks and torches when they go visit a leader who crosses the line and in the Ukraine it isn’t just 30 but thousands who come and tell their leaders to shove it.


One thought on “So John Key Does Not Want You To Demonstrate Outside His house?

  1. violence is the last refuge of the incompetent…
    Key being involved is not surprising .
    The spineless political class are our shame.

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