So Why Does John Key Tell You There Is No Housing Crisis? Well, There Is No Crisis! Not For Him Anyway!

A crisis (from the Greek κρίσις – krisis;[1] plural: “crises”; adjectival form: “critical”) is any event that is, or is expected to lead to, an unstable and dangerous situation affecting an individual, group, community, or whole society. Wikipedia

He’s out of touch, he doesn’t care cause he’s a millionaire, he is stupid, there is a housing crisis were some of the reactions on John Key’s seemingly disconnected remarks about the rising house prices and he retorted with the fact that the house prices in London and other big cities were much higher and that answer should have triggered at least from journalist at least a modicum of curiosity because John Key is right.

London’s house prices are so ridiculous that a 1500 m² apartment (being 1 Hide park) sold for 278,212,942.30 (That’s right that is more than a quarter billion dollars NZ) and to live in London’s inner city is so unaffordable for the 99% that a commute of two hours is becoming the norm for those who have a job there. On Billionaire’s row houses are bought and sold for ever increasing ridiculous prices while the houses themselves are going to ruin because nobody lives in them. So while the 99% can not afford to live in London the people who can don;t want to. All they want is to own property in it. Why?

Because they know something they don’t want you to know: Money is going to be worth sod all and the only thing that matters is to hold the deeds to real estate and have plenty of gold silver and art works in your vaults. It also helps if you own a super yacht to be away from the land if and when it goes pear shaped and have access to a private jet or two while you arm your thugs to protect your property.

Is this only happening in the UK or the US? No way!

Chinese are building entire empty cities to keep the bubble going and they horde as much gold, silver and art as possible too.

And while you as a member of the 99% on fixed incomes and actually believing that houses should be build to live in rather than bought and sold as money laundering propositions, are gradually overwhelmed with a sense of crisis, John Key as a member of the rarefied top 202,000 richest people on earth wakes up every morning to the smell of more dosh without having to raise so much as his little pinky!

You see, this has nothing to do with an accidental housing bubble or a dramatic need for more houses. This is how the money printing and bailing out of banks done in the US, China and all the other countries, even if they don’t tell you (including NZ) they’re doing it, comes back to bite us, the 99%, in the ass.

So to get back to Auckland and Christchurch and the hysterical house price rises ( I just checked but a solid stone 4 bedroom house with a nice garden in a quite burb in Holland ( a country so densely populated you could just about walk over heads to get from one city to the next) so close to all the amenities you could possibly need you could walk there still only costs about a quarter of what a wooden run down shack in Auckland costs and there are a million people in a waiting list for a home and they have to wait at least 20-30 years to get a small flat for themselves.

The rich, including John Key, are making a mint out of this while we are forced out of our houses via rates and forced into coffin house rentals because our money is worthless.

How do they do it? Here is Max Keiser introducing the term interest apartheid you might want to check up on what that means!

So what can we do to make this go away?

This will only stop if we stop calling it a crisis (Hint for David Cunliffe here) and start calling it what it is: Criminal Fraud on a truly apocalyptic scale with the sole purpose of transferring our heard earned wealth to the parasitical class; The class John Key belongs to, the bankster class!

It will only stop when we take back control of our currency and our government becomes once again for and by the people.

Mind you there is no conspiracy here. They would not do that to us. Our government! No sir

One thought on “So Why Does John Key Tell You There Is No Housing Crisis? Well, There Is No Crisis! Not For Him Anyway!

  1. 1. It is not “our” currency, it is the banks currency.
    2. It is not “our” government, it is the CROWN’s government.
    3. The government have never been, nor will they ever be “for and by the people”. Government is tyrannical by its very nature. You can not have Man made systems of limited liability without salves and rulers.

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