On The Significance Of The 4th And The 5th Of May Or Why Events In The Ukraine Should Terrify Us.

For the Dutch the 4th and the 5th of May are the days we commemorate the beginning and the end of WWII.

On the 4th we mourn the start of the war and the deaths of thousands of Dutch citizens during the course of the war which lasted 5 years to the day. The next day we celebrate the liberation and the end of the war.

To us the Nazi’s were the enemy and their brutality and murderous legacy is something we hate and is something we hope will never repeat itself. So when over the last couple of days I try to be at least  in mind in what used to be my country and at the same time I follow what is happening in Ukraine my heart fills with sorrow and horror at the events unfolding there.

Here is an article about the Odessa massacre from Veterans today. This is an American Veteran News paper and the photos tell a horrible story about how Nazi Svoboda thugs not only burned Ukrainians of Russian descent alive in the Odessa Union building but actively murdered, raped and shot them before they torched the place. It is written by author and historian F William Engdahl and it is extremely graphic so beware.

It is absolutely shameful that there is absolutely no mention of this in the Monopoly Media (Nice term for our propaganda press coined in a German Video) especially since 6000 NATO troops are now exercising in Poland and other Baltic states and the Kiev unelected thug government is supported by the CIA and other shady western contracting and army thugs bringing with them the old Gladio tactics.

In another terrifying echo of WWII the30.000  Jews living in Ukraine and fully aware of the Svoboda history rooted in their cooperation with the German Nazis and their hatred for Jews are packing and preparing for a mass exodus to escape possible attacks on them as well.




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