Judith Collins Behaved Like A Bully On Twitter But Now It’s Not So Much Fun Anymore Or Who’s The Senitive Wee Sausage Now?

Update: Judith Collins regrets Orivida interactions? No Judith, you regret being caught for the greedy unpricipled pig that you are. Step down!

In true bully fashion Judith Collins has announced that she will retreat from Twitter.

I say bully fashion because that of course is what a bully does. It’s one thing to make arrogant, snide and intimidating twitter remarks and I have seen quite a few come by over the so or so months I actually followed some tweets which I thought were beyond the pale from her, but quite another to have people point out your failure as a Justice minister and an all round moral and honest human being. That is when bullies always retreat while proclaiming to be the victim.

What is even more funny is that the liar and banker bottom feeder in chief told her that Twitter is full of trolls and bottom feeders and she should not be on it in the first place. Retreat in the bubble of power and moneyed privilege seems to  be the recipe for ego damage control of the rich and political elite!

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