Civil war in the Ukraine And More Financial War As S&P Junks Russian Bonds

Very interesting broadcast from Webster Tarpley. He goes much deeper into the Patriotic Freedom issue (think Cliven Bundy’s ranch standoff) connecting it to the Roman empire and the German Junkers.

He also addresses the current developing civil war in Ukraine which with the capture of Ukrainian Alpha team members send to create mayhem in the Eastern Region of Donetsk looks like an attempt of the West to trigger a hot war with Russia (keep up with the timeline here).

Here is a link to the military build up of Kiev’s military in the Eastern (read Russian) region of Ukraine and realize that at least one leader of the Kiev putsch called for 8 million people to be killed with Nuclear bombs just because they are Russian!

It also shows the Russian response by the way and for the asshole who trolled my site this week telling me the Russians should just walk away from this, just think what would you do if this happened in your backyard with your family?


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