Drive To Get Cindy Sheehan Here Next ANZAC Day.

ANZAC day has come and gone and we are told that the next generation dressed in their granddad’s military outfits is taking the lead in ANZAC commemorations.

I stayed away as I always do because I worry that I can not stop myself from speaking up about the hideous hypocrisy that ANZAC day is  because while people are grieving for their losses our leaders are screaming for the next war to come along.

I expressed my hope that ANZAC day would be synonymous with Peace day and anti war day on Facebook and some people responded with the suggestion that we should organize a Peace event on the next ANZAC day.

Here is my suggestion!

I know that Cindy Sheehan, the woman who famously blocked George W Bush’s driveway to force him to speak with her and to explain why the war in Iraq where he died had been such a good war, would be prepared to travel to New Zealand to speak about the wars. She is one of my absolute heroes and I think it’s time people here get more information about why we should stay well clear from the empire.

Here are some links to inform yourself if you don’t know who she is:


Trouble is I don’t have the kind of money needed to pay for airfares etc. but if we make it our goal to collect that money for the next year I’m sure we should be able to.

So how about it? Anybody up to help me do this?

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