On NATO, Drones And A Murderous Prime Minister Laying Roses On Anzac Day While We Are Hurtling To WWIII

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Henry_Kissinger

Let me start by saying that Henry Kissinger’s opinion on Military men is his opinion not mine. In the current climate of Nationalism and propaganda a lot of men and women feel that to join the army is a good thing to do what with ragheads and terrorists threatening our freedoms and all.

It is however what the people in power think when they see young men and women join their tool of word domination and global looting.

Henry Kissinger has also been heard saying that the people protesting the Bilderberg meetings are cockroaches and him and his fellow Bilderbergers do not want the serfs who cater to their every need to look them in the eye or speak to them without permission but I digress…

This morning in a Dutch newspaper an article appeared about a man called Brandon Bryant. Brandon Bryant has PTSD. Here is his story in English. He is traumatized and tells us he will never be able to live a normal live again. Brandon Bryant is an ex air-force pilot and he killed 1626 people together with his team of 6 people. He did not kill those people flying an actual jet. He killed them from the safety of his Computer room in the Nevada desert. Brandon Bryant was a Drone pilot and his mission was to kill people he had never met, didn’t know and of whom he did not know if they were guilty or innocent. It took him six years to finally realize that what he was doing was criminal, wrong and that he was merely an instrument following orders without having any control over whether what he was doing was morally justified.

In the United States the suicide rate amongst soldiers is high. Unlike the soldiers coming back from WWII the soldiers coming back from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq they don’t feel they were part of justified wars anymore. Many of them comeback realizing the whole war of terror is a scam. Many of them suffer from shame based quilt and I put it to you that Brandon Bryant is one of them. His life changed forever and the things he did will never go away. In fact shame based quilt only intensifies with the years unless dealt with in therapy (And event that only serves to manage the condition) and I would not be at all surprised if Brandon Bryant will one day join the legion of soldiers who decide to take their own lives to stop the torment of knowing they killed people whether up close and personal or from remote locations with computers and drones.

This week the death of a Kiwi killed in a drone attack was announced in the NZ media. Unlike Brandon Bryant it appears that our National Government accepted without so much as a second thought that he died because he was a terrorist and that it was OK fro the US army to kill one of our own just because the could and hey he was a terrorist anyway. No court, no proof, no sir. Kill the fu&*r was their attitude.

Today thousands turn out to commemorate those who died in violent conflicts while “serving us” but as usual nobody asks themselves the question why did they die and where those conflicts justified. In fact the carefully choreographed ritualistic ceremonies are inducing National pride, the “we are the good guys” euphoria and I’m sure that as a result more young people will be lured by another add or two from actively recruiting  NZ army. In fact the facebook page of the Southern Katipo exercise from November last year shows exactly the kind of image young people would love to be part of.

The exercise featured 10 countries. Each and everyone a member in one partnership or another of the NATO. The subject of the exercise was regime change. This is illegal and a war crime under international law.

In 2012 John Key signed a brand new partnership with the NATO. In 2012-14 one of our cruisers took part in an anti piracy fleet roaming the coast of Somalia. There was another country represented in that fleet. That country was Ukraine. At this moment Western troops are flown into Poland, which less than a year ago was the host to another exercise organized by NATO. The subject of that exercise was: What if a great big country situated North East of the Baltic states decided to invade these countries. There is only one great big country in that location. You guessed it, that is Russia. Kiwi troops took part in these exercises as well as in other exercises from what is called the quick response team of the NATO.

Today armed hostilities started between Pro Ukraine and Pro Russia citizens of Ukraine. There is no way Russia can stay away from becoming involved and the NATO bosses know this and 600 troops in Poland tell us they mean business too.

Today John Key will lay wreaths or roses or poppies or whatever on a memorial somewhere. He will play the lead role in the ritual of sacrifice that ANZAC day is and people will swoon in the knowledge they are commemorating “the fallen”. It will make them sad and proud and feel like a proper Kiwi. On the 4th of May I will commemorate the dead citizens killed in WWII. 20 million of them Russians. I will pray the John Key will not send Kiwi troops to the new war front but I won’t hold my breath.

Because here is John Key screaming for war with Iraq. He was a backbencher then, he is the boss now.

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