Jews Ordered To Register In East Ukraine But Who Is Doing The Ordering?

This morning the Daily mail online newspaper featured a big pictured of Putin with under it the text: Jews ordered to register, World War III?

When I went back there sometime later the text had changed to: Jews ordered to register and list property in East Ukraine.

Apart from the fact that it is of course one of the things we all hoped never to see in any news paper ever again it is also a hideous attempt at vilifying President Putin and Russia in the ongoing push for WWIII.

So what is really happening in Ukraine and if the Jews (SIC) are ordered to register themselves and their property as they where ordered to do in Germany and the countries they held during WWII than who is doing the ordering?

First of all, 20 Million Russians died in WWII. The Russians where instrumental in defeating the German war machine as much as the Western troops and it was Russia which entered Berlin first so to even suggest that the Russians would want to go that way again but now in the role of the Jew hating Germans is just beyond the pale. Does this mean there is no anti-Semitism in Russia? To be sure, just like there is in France, Italy and Germany or any country in Western Europe for that matter.

These are relatively small groups of extremist right wingers with the usual Nazi rhetoric and while there is always he potential to become bigger and uglier they are a fringe group.

The situation in Ukraine is radically different.

The recent coup supported by the US and NATO put in place a mixture of groups all of whom are aligned either to local oligarchs or Neo Nazis (With all the usual Jew hating that goes with the doctrine) all of whom have a vitriolic hatred for the Russians and their local Russian population and  if any of the Ukrainian players would attempt at such a hideous anti Semitic measure it would be the new illegal government or the Powers behind their thrones.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next couple of days. One thing is for sure: the Russians are not interested in reviving the very thing they died for and fought against in WWII.





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