Rest in Peace Michael Ruppert. Updated Throughout The Day With Thoughts and Musings.

I just heard that a man I count as one of my absolute personal heroes, someone with an integrity, the size of the entire universe and a man who confronted the beast wherever he went has committed suicide. I am desolate and angry and terrified and I have absolutely no words to describe my sorrow.

May all of you out there who feel the same about Michael C Ruppert have the strength to carry on and walk in his footsteps with the love and the compassion he had for our sorry lot in your hearts.

My mind wondering after the news of Mike’s death.

I was here in NZ only a few years and I had the opportunity to speak with Jeanette Fitsimmons the leader of the NZ Green party and sorely missed in that position by me.

I spoke to her about what happened on 9/11 believe it or not and while she didn’t really want to talk about it in the public space we were in we communicated via email and she told me she read Crossing the Rubicon from Mike. She supported a new and independent investigation into the events as a result of reading that book. She met Architect Richard Gage AIA from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth and supported the politicians for 9/11 truth.

Here is a wonderful piece by Cherie from Cherie speak blog.

Tribute from Abby Martin:


5 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Michael Ruppert. Updated Throughout The Day With Thoughts and Musings.

  1. Thank you for linking my story. I am currently in contact with Michael’s attorney and will be posting updates on my site at as I get them. Please be certain that there is LITTLE doubt this was a real suicide and not a murder. I, as is everyone he touched, am completely devastated at this loss.

    • Hi Cheri, your article like many of your articles was heartfelt and I hope that through this lik people will find out who Mike was and I hope that way he may live on.

      I think Mike was leaving us in many ways for a long time already before the final act.

      Keep me posted and I will update too.



  2. the demon is everywhere, dont be angry, that gives him power, re act with compassion and calm, remember the storm St.Paul had on the boat, remember Jesus calming the water, pray with an open heart, sorry for your troubles, amen

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