Kate’s Tutor And Royal Adviser Is A War Criminal Weapons Dealer: Sir David Manning.

In my guest to give you the information you need to wean yourself away from the happy and benign royal family who for some reason was stupid enough to fall for John Key’s blatant and transparent attempt at influencing the upcoming election and arrived here just to woe the Kiwi population, I was trawling the abundance of sickening pink and light blue crap they push as “News” and low and behold a picture emerged of the “royal” nanny emerging from the plane. What made it interesting was that behind her a gentleman emerged.

When I saw the photo’s and read the name of the older “gentleman” (I use that term loosely) walking down the plane steps when the “Royals” (I use that term loosely too) landed I had those little warning lights go on in the back of my head. “Sir” David Manning? (And I use the term Sir loosely too) Wasn’t he at the time involved in getting the UK involved in that illegal war in Iraq. So I Googled the name and here is what I came up with and while he is here some of you brave enough might want to engage in a citizens arrest of the man who was brought here as the “mentor” of Kate and adviser to the Royal Couple.

Sir David Manning’s CV reads like true Courtier/Pirate to the feudal family our Mainstream media tries to picture as benign symbolic heads of state and who for some reason has even stolid Republicans enabling their parasitic luxury lifestyle. To the people coming out here as “Republican” (another term I use loosely) the royal family is a somewhat stumbling expensive quaint remnant of a different time who seem to be able to hang on to obscene wealth merely by being naive and sweet and somewhat out of kilter with the realities of life. They need to be protected and mollycoddled and so John Key (another Courtier/Looter), via the MSM, tells us 80% of the population loves them and want’s them to stay on as our lovely head of states. Not just that sweet lady dressed in silly frocks but her son, her son’s son and her son’s son’s heirs until forever!

But to get back to Sir David Manning!

Here are some of the highlights of his career to get you started:

  • Sir David Manning had been the “unpaid” advisor to “Prince”  ( title which belongs firmly in the past when we where stupid enough top believe that on human could actually be appointed by a “God” to rule over us) William and “Prince” Harry for four years prior to becoming the appointed mentor to Prince William in 2009. He is also the official mentor to Kate.
  • Prior to these royal appointments Sir David Manning was the “Adviser” to Blair when he lured the UK into the illegal war of aggression with Iraq.
  • In between these functions he was the US Ambassador to the US where he met up with some of his old palls who paid him handsomely  for his “advice”. with a directorship of the US armaments firm Lockheed Martin no less.
    Here is what Heydon Prowse has to say about “Sir” David Manning:

There’s a charming picture from a black tie dinner hosted by the lobbying organization the British American Business Association (BABA) in Washington in 2004 to welcome Tony Blair’s former advisor Sir David Manning as ambassador to the US. The dinner was sponsored by arms company Lockheed Martin and, in the image Donald Neese, Lockheed’s director of Western Europe is grinning at Manning and introducing him to John Warner, then senator for Virginia where Lockheed Martin has its HQ. Read more

  • He is also an adviser to the shadowy, ex-MI6-run consultancy Hakluyt and while the article finds that this is hardly the appropriate role of a “courtier” (makes me cringe) I put it to you that since Oliver Cromwell ney well before him spy and military industrialist roles where very much functions of courtiers. In fact I dare say nobody but the reigning monarch and those aspiring to be would have a spymaster in their service and in the pursuit of total control rest assured there would be at least a few courtiers able to get their hands on the latest and greatest killing machines to keep control over the population and the colonies their courtiers conquered and looted for them.

These are just a few of the functions and positions we know about but my suggestion to you is that his appointment to be the adviser to the King and Queen to be is of the utmost importance and seeing as his involvement with the illegal wars of aggression have been no impairment to his appointment I dare say that the wars where sanctioned by the palace as the Queen to this day is the only one who can declare war on any country.

What we have here is a feudal couple visiting one of their liege lords being John Key with their trusted adviser, spymaster and arms dealer in order to keep their liege lord in power and influence our democratic elections in favor of John Key, their bankster feudal liege lord. We are being roped back in to a dark age feudal regime which is intend on looting this country and who have no interest in democracy other than that it is a convenient scam to keep what they feel they’re entitled to: All of NZ’s assets and resources. 


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