Is The NZ Reserve Bank Raising Rates To Bankrupt New Zealand?

All we’re waiting for is interest rates to go across the magic threshold of 3% and the entire budget of the country explodes.  There are also all types of other tendencies that point in the direction of collapse and systemic failure at all levels.” Dimitri Orlov.

I couldn’t put my finger on it. Why would the Reserve banks of NZ raise the rates? The inflation (through fraudulent GDP calculations) is below the 3%, house prices where going up but how I don’t know as wages are stagnant and the population is more or less stable and the economy was on the med but surely to raise interest rates would interfere with that as budding businesses would dearly love the interest rates to be lower rather than higher so why?

My husband the other day, clearly struggling with the same question asked: “What do you think, are they testing raising the interest rates here to see what would happen if they did it in the UK or the US?”

I couldn’t think of a real answer, it has happened before and NZ has sh0wn itself to be a fairly naive law abiding country and perhaps he was right but something didn’t sit right with that either because they are keeping the interest rates close to zero overseas (for the big boys close to the source that is) while they are already looting the poorest with unregulated payday companies.

Remember, John Key asserted that the local banks are just middlemen for foreign banks and Graeme Wheeler, the Reserve Bank governor is a US World bank puppet and around 2011 New Zealand had about $ 112 BILLION worth of fraudulent CDS on the books

And then I listened to Dimitri Orlow from ClubOrlov blog in an interview and I realized that National under the guidance of Wall street puppet John Key had been investing heavily into CDS and other derivatives and I am wondering if they are raising the rates to explode under Labor if they get elected making it impossible for Labor to redirect money to the poor and the small businesses who need money to build their businesses up.

Here is the interview with Dimitri Orlov. Also a great deal about the reality in Ukraine and the Crimea!

2 thoughts on “Is The NZ Reserve Bank Raising Rates To Bankrupt New Zealand?

  1. Inflation is NOT low by way of fraudulent GDP calculations! It’s low by way of fraudulent CPI calculations 😛

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