Venice Votes For Independence, UN Says It’s Illegal!

You Thunk? Neh, of course not but then Venice isn’t sitting on a ton of oil!

The reality is that around the world people are organizing themselves and want to break away from repressive, extractive elites. Catalonia, Scotland and Venice all try to do what the global ruling elites fear the most and that is to break away from banker installed governments in order to plot their own course and manage their own resources and assets.

In the Crimea it turns out 73% of the people came out to vote which is a hell of a lot more than John Key can count on and 93% of those all voted to go back to Russia. It is just that the Crimea, like all the other countries NATO has been bombing back to the stone age, is sitting on a pile of gas in the black sea. Gas, Europe badly needs to keep their economies going!



3 thoughts on “Venice Votes For Independence, UN Says It’s Illegal!

  1. Too right! It’s OK for Kosovo to have a referendum to secede from Yugoslavia, or for the Scots – and for Britain to send an armada to the Falklands to protect a couple of thousand people who have declared their links with Britain, etc. etc. etc

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