Timaru? Perhaps Not But Tuhoe Nation? Definitly!

Almost 80% of the Crimean people came to the referendum to vote against the Ukraine and in favor of Russia. The pro Russian voters have it for about 95.5%.

Given that they were only ever part of Ukraine for a mere 60 years (and not by choice) with a much longer history as part of Russia John Key’s remark about Timaru voting to become part of Australia in order to rubbish the legitimate will of 80% of a population is glib and insincere to say the least.

If he had looked a little bit closer he would have found a much more realistic but infinity more uncomfortable situation which compares very realistically to the situation of the Crimeans.

That situation would be around the area Ngāi Tūhoe calls their own. It would be safe to say that if the choice was up to Ngāi Tūhoe, the Uruwera area, the land of their ancestors would be an independent nation.  And last time I looked they have never expressed the intend to become part of New Zealand and for all intends and purposes they are still resisting incorporation into the corporation called New Zealand.

The problem is that they know as well as John Key that the only factor keeping them in the situation they are in is that  the power of the government really does come out of the barrel of a gun. The 2007 raids proved that conclusively.

Now if they held a referendum and 80% showed up  and 95% of those voted for an individual state separated from NZ the National government would have a morally similar situation and if Iwi’s from all over the Islands would support that cessation and traveled to the Uruwera to support Ngāi Tūhoe that would cause even more tension and perhaps a rising need to actually look at a more realistic assessment of how to solve the situation.

For John Key to dismiss the will of the Crimean people is glib, arrogant and unbefitting a leader of a democratic nation but than he’d rather spend his time selling us out to the Chinese just so long as they take him to nice golf courses.

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