Oravida’s Chairman Plays Golf With NZ Prime Minister

But we’re not promoting a business here! Yeah right!!!

By the way the whole Orivida site reads like a whose who of the National top

On Friday 26th October 2012, Mr Deyi Shi the founder and principal of the Oravida Group of Companies, a passionate and extremely competent golfer, had the honour of playing golf with New Zealand’s current Prime Minister The Right Honourable John Key. Prime Minister Key, a keen and competent golfer, entered into the light hearted spirit of the head to head competition with Mr Shi at this fun event.

2 thoughts on “Oravida’s Chairman Plays Golf With NZ Prime Minister

  1. I think it’s plainly obvious that Oravida is the ‘darling’ of the National Party.

    One of their darling’s has been outed not by the Labour Party, but by those Oravida officials themselves (that’s what is so laughable), and it is they and Collins who are the naive one’s because posey, cosey pics don’t lie nor does a chinese version of an endorsement.

    Mr Grant Robertson fleshed this out with his determined probing and Foreign Affairs officials supplying documents to the head gringo John Key that eventually Judith Collins had no choice but to ‘tell all’ on that hidden dinner date that included a Border Control Security official who’s name she cannot obsfucatiously recall.

    She’s made Key (not that he needed any help), look like a fool even more in my eyes, anyway.

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