NATO And New Zealand Sign New Partnership Accord And John Key Is Delirious with That

Rasmussen: “Who is this numbnut just signing on to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization?

It wasn’t yesterday. In fact it wasn’t even last year but it was June 20012 when John Key singed a totally NEW “partnership” treaty with NATO.

Since then NATO has been training for illegal regime change and anti insurgency warfare in our backyard, the frigate te Mana patrolled the Indian ocean of the Somalian coast for seven months next to an Ukrainian ship and the NZ army was involved in NATO training exercises in Poland, Cornwall and California to name but a few.

I don’t know about you but that seems to me like we have just signed on to the biggest war machine involved in every illegal war the US/NATO military machine has started since 9/11 2001 and John Key is looking like that is the next big thing since sliced Vogel bread.

In case you are wondering how John Key feels about shooting up innocent people in their own countries here is a recording of him protesting NZ’s refusal to send Kiwi boys and girls to Iraq. It has undertones of hysteria and demagoguery reminiscent of Hitler I think. It most certainly is not his normal “I’m easy with whatever my Ministers pull”  persona that’s for sure!

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and John Key, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, pledged closer security cooperation after signing a new partnership cooperation accord at NATO headquarters on 4 June 2012.

The Secretary General said the NATO-New Zealand Individual Partnership Cooperation Programme (IPCP) formalised ties between the two sides after almost two decades of increased cooperation.

Mr. Fogh Rasmussen said the Alliance’s ties with New Zealand, which has been an active participant in the ISAF mission, go well beyond Afghanistan. “Partnerships are essential to NATO’s success and we want to be even more closely connected with countries that are willing to contribute to global security where we all have a stake,“ the Secretary General said after his talks with Prime Minister Key.

New Zealand currently contributes over 150 personnel to ISAF, the majority of who are deployed in Bamyan Province at the Provincial Reconstruction Team. It also has troops stationed in Kabul.

The Secretary General used the visit of Prime Minister Key to praise his country’s commitment to the Afghan mission as well as the progress New Zealand forces have made since 2003.

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3 thoughts on “NATO And New Zealand Sign New Partnership Accord And John Key Is Delirious with That

  1. That is one scary recording of John Key in Parliament 2003, together with some appropriate montaged images. Nice work / chilling result!

    (ps. the te Mana Fregat should be the frigate, Te Mana 🙂

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