McCully Shows He Has No Idea About Geo-Politics And History

Update: When I wrote this article I wanted to link to the NATO page which shows clearly that we signed a brandspanking new NATO partnership in June 1012 and I could not find the website. I turns out the NATO website was under a cyber attack and was offline. (At the time of writing this it still is) Now how come the website of one of the biggest military powers on earth can not safeguard itself against a silly little cyber attack? And all this right after Russia vetoes a UN resolution wanting to declare the Crimean referendum invalid?

Foreign Minister McCully today said NZ would not recognize the predictable results of the Crimean referendum about returning to the bosom of mother Russian and in doing so shows once again he has no idea about geo-politics and the history with regards to Crimea’s place in Russia’s history.

Neither does he understand that most Crimeans completely identify with Russia and consider themselves to be Russian and that it is the threat of the new Fascist regime in Kiev helped in place by the likes of Nuland and the European banking elite that are scaring the Crimean population into breaking away from Ukraine. In supporting the Fascists in Kiev he sets New Zealand up for partaking in an unwinnable war in which through our new partnership with NATO New Zealand soldiers will die on the wrong side of the battle.


Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully has dismissed today’s referendum on the status of Crimea.

The referendum is widely expected to see control of the Crimea transferred from the Ukraine to Russia amidst the greatest East-West crisis since the Cold-War.

The West has spoken out strongly against it, threatening sanctions and attempting to pass a UN Security Council resolution declaring it invalid, though this was blocked by Russia which has amassed troops on the Crimean border.

McCully said today that New Zealand would not recognise the result of the referendum.

“This referendum has been organised hastily, under the threat of force, and without any prior efforts to consult or negotiate a settlement consistent with the Constitution of Ukraine.”

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