Credit Default Swaps Are Killing The World One City At The Time And New Zealand Could Be Next!

Detroit is Bankrupt. Detroit is not the only city going bankrupt. In fact the entire financial world is a dead man walking. It’s just that most of us don’t know it yet.

Here is the latest Max Keiser show in which he interviews Chris Whalen, an investment banker and the author of a new book, “Financial Stability: Fraud, Confidence & The Wealth of Nations,” about a financial system replete with fraud and how what is happening in Detroit relates to fraudulent derivatives.

I also decided to add the RSS feed of a blog called Cancel Detroit’s debt to the banks because it gives a lot of information about how banks operate and how they enticed what Chris Whalen called financially unsophisticated people into buying their fraudulent products. The same products I might add John Key was selling in his bankster life and which we now have to the tune of $ 122 Billion (In 2011) and counting on our governments books

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