Oops, Another Leaked Conversation: The Murderers Are Now The Masters In The Ukraine

You won’t find this in our MSM of course. That would mean John Key would have to eat a dead rat… again. It would mean that his war mongering NATO supporting bullying would have been, to say the least, premature.

But… it turns out that not only was the assistant secretary of foreign affairs Mrs. Nuland involved in plotting and coordinating the regime change that took place in the Ukraine but someone in the current Ukrainian regime was responsible for the sniper killings of both policemen and civilians which was the reason the population went berserk and ousted the democratically elected President Yanukovich.

The tape purporting to be between EU foreign policy chief Cathy Ashton and Estonia’s foreign minister Urmas Paet, the minister tells her that bullets found in both the policemen and demonstrators where the same indicating they were fired from the same guns. Added to that the new government has refused to investigate the sniper attacks.

Here is the alleged conversation:

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