War in the Ukraine, NATO And New Zealand. Yes, They Are Connected.

Update: I started writing this post yesterday and wish I could have known how quickly John Key where to have joined the sad dogs howling for WWIII. I would have published it yesterday.

Update II: As was to be expected the other head of our political dragon known as the Labor party has joined in the baying with David “Mercenaries are cool” Schearer taking the lead no less!

Russia attacks Ukraine!!! Putin invades Ukraine!!! The Russians take the Crimean!!! Some of the fear mongering  howls of the Propaganda media when Russia intervened to make sure their Navy bases in the black sea stayed available to them would not have looked out of place in the worst days of the cold war.

I have been monitoring and keeping up with the events over the last few weeks and I thought I’d put in my two cents.

The name of my blog is Aotearoa A Wider Perspective and my aim is of course to show how close New Zealand really is to the rest of the world and while I hope I am wrong the events in the Ukraine might be just such and event making this world awfully small!

Let me start by giving you a link to an excellent analysis of the situation in the Ukraine by one of my absolute heroes in the analytical department Webster Tarpley. His eye for detail and his knowledge of who is who and where they are coming from in the Ukraine is just absolutely breath taking and I won’t even attempt at it because I would fail miserably. He also details Russia’s interests and historic and legal rights to have military personnel in the Crimea and I urge you to spend the hour to listen to his majestic and well informed rant to get up and running with the who is who and what is what of the situation on the ground.  He discusses the main players, the connections to the international Bankster Mafia and the obvious interest NATO and the US have in getting their mitts on the Ukraine as a way of encircling Russia and China.

My aim here is to keep to the bigger picture and the fact that NZ military might be called upon to take part in possible military actions from NATO of which the Ukraine is a “special” partner much like New Zealand is.

First of all here are some if the issues you might want to refresh yourself on:

After 9/11 a list of several countries to be attacked by the US and the NATO was discussed by General Wesley Clark. Only two of those countries have escaped total NATO/US domination so far. One of them Syria is struggling and severely damaged but is holding up and Iran is still largely unscathed.
Last year the US and the NATO pushed for an all out attack on Syria but Russia represented by President Putin (I hate it when the Propaganda media make it about a pissing contest between to “elected” officials. They represent their countries that is what gives them the status and the power to speak up and be counted on the global stage) blocked the efforts aided by the global public opinion.
Obviously this did not sit well with the PTB and it stood to reason that they wanted to cut Russia’s military power down and one of the  best ways to do this would to cut Russia off from its naval bases in the Crimea. It is after all the connection between these bases and the Mediterranean sea which makes Russian a formidable military power the US and the NATO would have to engage with it they actually did attack Syria like they did Libya.

In order for the US and the NATO to be able to attack Iran, Syria has to fall first and in order to achieve this Russia has to be contained.
The US and the NATO have exhausted their member countries wealth in the last 13 years of wars to the point of financial and economic collapse and the fiat banking system is unraveling making it of the utmost importance to get total control of every real world resource before that happens.

To have the manpower to do so the US/NATO have been active in recruiting  as members/partners countries which have no connection to the location the NATO was supposed to be defending and who will serve as friendly nations which will be used as a resource for troops and military equipment as well as customers off the military industrial complex putting undue strain on the economies of those countries in the near future.

Rick Rostoff of the Stop NATO website has done superb work in chronicling these developments and I urge you to read up on them in order to understand how New Zealand fits in the bigger NATO picture.

In June 2012 New Zealand represented by none other than our own Bankster stooge Prime Minister John Key signed a NEW partnership accord with NATO. Not much attention as to what that entailed for New Zealand and it’s military was given to it by the Mainstream propaganda outlets in New Zealand but our involvement on a global level in NATO activities increased dramatically in the almost two years since. In indication perhaps that we are more committed to international military engagement than most New Zealanders would be comfortable with if they knew.

For example New Zealand was involved in Operation “steadfast jazz” which funnily enough trained for the event of an unnamed big country North East of Poland Latvia and other assorted countries South East of Russia attacking said countries. The exercise took place in November 2013 and was held in the countries mentioned above. It was also involved in a NATO rapid response team exercise in Cornwall last year and while some might argue that we were only present in “observer” roles (according to the NATO website New Zealand played an acitve role) we most certainly where not observers in a war game organized by the New Zealand during November of last year called Southern  Katipo.

Countries partaking where a who’s who list of top NATO countries plus a few recruit wannabee NATO members

The scenario of this exercise was the removal of a prime minister refusing to step down also known as an illegal act of war named regime change. This exercise was preceded by another multinational exercise  where our army together with  the US where training how to deal with an insurgency (Where the local population helps the rebels, a bit like what will take place in the Ukraine)

And just this month JohnKey signed fregat te Mana on to NATO to catch pirates in operation Ocean shield he did so second only to none other than Ukraine in a very real NATO operation close to very real war zones in which NATO and the US are using drones targeting so called “insurgents” exposing New Zealand military to very real wars in which New Zealand has no interest other than it’s connection to NATO which last time Ilooked had something to do with the Atlantic region.

This list is only a selection of exercises NZ has been part off since it signed the new pact with NATO and I expect there to be many more we are not privy too as our government has elevated secrecy to an art form while we are inundated with pictures of the ruling parasites visiting, playing on lawns and keeping us entertained while they drive NZ kids to their deaths while polluting them with depleted uranium to bring home to New Zealand.

As I mentioned before John Key is baying for blood and he has already said he is not excluding giving NATO a hand. He has no choice as he signed a very real NEW NATO partnership in June 2012.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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