Fuck Europe Plus $ 5 Billion And John Key Wants Putin To Back Off?

Let’s put John Key’s bleating and John Kerry’s breathtaking hypocrisy in perspective shall we?

A leaked recording of a telephone conversation allegedly between US assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland and the US envoy to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt discussing who should be in Ukraine’s next government has, according to The FT, threatened to fuel east-west tensions over the troubled nation’s future. In apparent frustration with the EU – which has failed to join the US in threatening sanctions against Ukraine’s leaders if they violently crush the protests – the voice resembling Ms Nuland at one point exclaims “Fuck the EU”. As the two US diplomats decide whether “Klitsch” or “Yats” should be ‘in’ or ‘out’, listeners will be reminded (uncomfortably) that the governments of Ukraine and Russia previously alleged that the protests are being funded and orchestrated by the US.

One thought on “Fuck Europe Plus $ 5 Billion And John Key Wants Putin To Back Off?

  1. (video added to my post, which follows)
    I got a cold shiver listening to this leaked phone call between US Secretary of State and US Envoy to Ukraine. Their voices sound light, pleasant, matter-of-fact. They sound like a couple planning a party, or business colleagues preparing to “sing from the same hymn sheet” in order to clinch a big deal. But they’re not!!! They are discussing how they should interfere in Ukraine’s sovereign affairs; who they will and who they won’t accept in a new leadership, and how they are going to orchestrate behind the scenes of Ukraine’s political struggle.
    I had heard an extract of this conversation before, where the softly spoken Sec. of State says “f*ck the EU”. But I found it even more disturbing to listen to the whole thing. They sound like they think they are Gods.
    I am glad it is such a good quality recording and so undeniable that the egg cannot be wiped from the American face, and it’s gone global
    Maybe I haven’t been clear enough? What gives me the creeps is the pleasant businesslike voices of these, clearly intelligent individuals. On some level, they must know what they are doing is wrong. But there isn’t a note of it in their voices. They are fully brainwashed, or lobotomised, or whatever it is they do to US politicians…
    [Thanks to TravellerEv for the link]

    p.s. That her name is not Newland or Neuland says it all 🙂

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