On Weather “Chaos”, Flooding, The Use Of Armies And An International Body To Rule Them All

I like Max Keiser. I like Stacey Herbert. I think they are spot on with regards to the financial world but I wish they would keep to that and leave the weather out of it.

What I don’t understand is why two smart people who on multiple occasions have shown themselves to be  up and running with regards to  9/11 and who have  no problem with pointing out that the entire financial system is one big Ponzi scheme run by just a few players have such problem pointing out that huge strides have been made with weather modification weapons and that these are being used to influence the weather to the point of being able to target distinct parts of the globe.

Do I believe we don’t have environmental problems? Hell no, I believe we are creating huge environmental problems. We are living in unsustainable damaging societies and we are killing off, polluting and destroying habitats like there is no tomorrow. Literally! And perhaps we are even influencing the weather with the destruction of rainforests and carbon emissions.

But…. and that is a big but, I think that any discussion about weather “Chaos” ( a new one coined by non other than Max Keiser himself) is incomplete without addressing these weather modification techniques in the full light of day.

And I don’t think Max and Stacey are doing the discussion any good by neglecting these weapons especially since the y command a huge platform and it would be interesting to see what would happen if they did.

I thought I’d give a couple of links for those of you new to this information and also for those of you not so new in order to get the bigger picture across to friends and family.

Here is the Max Keiser show I am referring to:

Here is the link to the US army claiming they want to OWN the weather by 2025

Here is a link to an article from 2011 proving weather modification is happening all over the US.

Here is a link to an article about how Russia wanted weather modification to be part of the new Rapport on Global weather changes which the west declined.

Here is a link to a professor of a Japanese university calling for an international body to be able to use armies as a way of “combating” the effects of global warming.

And lo and behold 13 Nations are helping NZ to train this coming month to “combat”, I kid you not, “natural” disasters.

5 thoughts on “On Weather “Chaos”, Flooding, The Use Of Armies And An International Body To Rule Them All

  1. I really do wonder why you put “chaos” in inverted commas, because that is exactly what it is. Right at this moment the North Pole is a full 20C (yes, 20C!) warmer than 1979-2000 levels and the ice has stopped growing (in the middle of winter). I do not deny that some form of spraying IS going on, but to think that the weather chaos (you’re blind if you can’t see it – from UK, US, Brazil, Japan, Africa, Australia and just about every other country you can mention – is caused by spraying from airplanes (as oposed to 150 years of carbon emissiona’ is delusional. At the heart of it is the hubris that man is at the centre of things – even the word ‘environ- ment’ reflects this arrogant point of view. At the end of the day NATURE BATS LAST.

    • Interesting as there was (polar vortex I think they called it) a ring of temperatures so low they are actually lower then fucking Mars. Could that be the result of a nice bit of million watt ionospheric heating by the aptly placed HAARP installation in Alaska?

      I grew up during the 60s cool down with temperatures freezing our local seas to the point of us kids being dragged around behind super heavy Ford Taunus station wagons on our sleds and books appearing with fear mongering about a pending ice age. After that it was acid rain then it was climate change, hothouse effect and now? Climate Chaos!!!

      I am happy to discuss anthropogenic climate change but you know what? I ain’t buying the let’s pay tons of money to the 1% because we want to breath anymore. I plant a lot of trees and keep my oil miles under control by growing my own food and making my own clothes and such. If everybody did that I reckon we’d have a lot less problems.

      Also nature has a very ordered way of working. The poles are colder cause they are further away from the sun than the equator. That doesn’t just change overnight. A bit like buildings which don’t collapse due to office fires.

      Funny isn’t it how we are at war with countries with oil deposits and now the North pole is melting. Just when every country and their dog is claiming their part of the bloody pole.

      Oh, and chemtrails? They only block 20% of the sunlight globally and serve as a heat retaining blanket overnight. No wonder there is so much weather chaos and that little microwave zap here and there to boost storms has to help in that department too.

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