Did You Know A Third Building Fell On 9/11?

In support of my 9/11 activist buddies in Wellington I want to give some attention to the fact that they are putting posters up all over Wellington to ask for attention for the fact that a third building collapsed on 9/11 which not a lot of people know about. In fact when I saw the building collapse on that day itself I knew it was a controlled demolition.

The building collapsed in free fall speed into it’s own footprint. Something that is only possible if the support structure of a building is systematically destroyed with explosives. Here in New Zealand that would have happened very early in the morning and not a lot of people know of it as they would have been asleep. In Europe it was shown on TV early in the evening on prime time TV and as such many more people are aware of the collapse.

If something happens for which the official conspiracy Theory has no explanation we need to ask ourselves what could have happened. We need a new and independent investigation into what happened on that day.

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