From Neil Young’s Honor The Treaties Tour: Mother Earth

Today is Waitangi day and while I have only just lived here about 8+ years I have  become convinced that the only thing standing between us and the Corporate global take over is the Treaty and our adherence to it as the founding document regardless of the controversies surrounding it and there are many, I know!

The TPP seeks to overthrow it and so does everyone who thinks that Corporate rule is a good idea. If we want to have any chance at all to survive as an independent Nation in the geopolitical storms to come we must come together as a people including all our cultural differences and attitudes. 

In Honor of the day that celebrates the Treaty I thought I’d link to the song, Mother Earth from Neil Young as performed during his Canadian Honor the Treaties tour in support of another first Nation protest against the destruction of their habitat and our mother Earth. I also want to dedicate the song to the Hikoi which will, I hope, address today in the face of our Prime Sinister the shameless proposed looting and endangering of the territory of the Northland Iwis and the Kaikoura coast people.

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