No Oil In The Taranaki Basin!

Anadarko has concluded that there is no sufficient oil in the Taranaki basin for commercial drilling. I am happy about that but that doesn’t mean we can sit stil. The next  one on the list is Kaikoura and the Northland tests.

So while Raglan is safe for now let’s stay active and angry to support our brothers and sisters whose environment is still under threat from the Andarko thugs!

US oil giant Anadarko says it has not found enough oil in the Taranaki Basin to be commercially viable and will now plug the well.

The Romney 1 well off the Raglan coast reached its target depth of 4619m, and was found to be water-bearing.

“Though the well, drilled by the state-of-the-art drillship Noble Bob Douglas in 1550m of water, did not encounter commercial quantities of oil or natural gas, the data collected from the well will be very useful in determining future activity,” the company says in a statement.

Anadarko and its partners in the project will now plug and abandon the well as per New Zealand regulations.

The Noble Bob Douglas was now heading to the east coast of the South Island, where Anadarko has a permit to explore the Canterbury Basin, near Kaikoura.

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2 thoughts on “No Oil In The Taranaki Basin!

  1. Hooooooray! Hopefully THEY did plug it and won`t ‘find’ anything-anywhere except their finger up their arse!

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