Backlight, The Mind of A Banker: Psychopath, Reckless, Addict. John Key Anyone?

When a group of Swiss scientists wanted a control group in a psychological study about  psychopathic behavior of inmates they chanced upon a group of traders, like our own Prime Minister John Key. To their utter surprise it turned out that the traders showed higher marks for the very personality disorder they where trying to assess in their prison population.

What this means is that our financial system is run by people who score higher than imprisoned convicted criminals in the very characteristics that made these people prone to commit crimes such as risk taking, impulsivity, lack of empathy and lack of conscience.

In fact let me give you the whole list of Hare Psychopathy checklist revised. (and yes, I know the list is controversial but if you are prepared to wave it for the traders than you also have to wave it for the murderers, cons and hustlers they compared the traders against. No… I didn’t think you’d wanted to do that.)

And let me know if you find any of these characteristics applicable to our own Wall street bankster Prime Minister John Key. I count at least 14 of them and more of them will probably materialize after the need for discretion drops after he leaves politics for his next assignment job

  • glib and superficial charm,
  • grandiosity
  • need for stimulation
  • pathological lying
  • cunning and manipulating,
  • lack of remorse
  • callousness
  • poor behavioral controls
  • impulsiveness
  • irresponsibility
  • denial
  • parasitic lifestyle
  • sexual promiscuity
  • early behavior problems
  • lack of realistic long-term goals
  • failure to accept responsibility for own actions
  • many short-term marital relationships
  • juvenile delinquency
  • revocation of conditional release
  • criminal versatility

In another excellent documentary VPRO public service goes to London to investigate the brain of a banker and the conclusion is terrifying. The global financial system is run into the ground by 28 year old psychopaths full of testosterone,without a concience addicted to  the short term goal of making as much money as they can in the shortest possible time . (Turn on captions for English subtitles for the Dutch spoken parts)

4 thoughts on “Backlight, The Mind of A Banker: Psychopath, Reckless, Addict. John Key Anyone?

  1. Max Kieser was right when he said all bankers have the liar DNA its what makes them successful. John Key displays glib and superficial charm, and thinks thats all he needs to fool us the people, the sooner Nz is rid of him and his band of merry thieves the better off we shall be as a country. But who to choose to lead us, Most MP’s these days seem to lack a moral and ethic code or is it I’ve just woken up, and they have always been that way.

    • Politicians have always been that way Trisha, it is in fact, a defining factor for success in any political Group situation. The difference now is that the inter-related sectors of the political democracy approach to Govt. is over run by politics, where as previously in the relative New Zealand experience, there has been more of a mix of factors going into the governing process for the current system keeping abit more of a ‘break’ on it’s unsavory undercurrent.

      The Collin Craig, i think his name is, Guy who is no doubt a politician to some degree, has the right idea for a slow reversal of the mirk – that is as many issues as possible being decided by referendums. It would deliver some breath takingly stupid outcomes of course, but it would get things right also; and either way it would be in a more random context than what goes on now, which would also be beneficial.

      Also, importantly, it would start moving centralised action into a de-centralised & de-facto appreciation of applied ‘Intention’ as a common measuring stick behind outcomes for the Masses, making them capable of growing self-government into an equitable & rational system.

    • Thrones attract tyrants. Why make a nest to invite another ruler to be a slave to? Its all very well pointing out meddling orchestrators of harm, But those foolish enough to be manipulated by these people are the ones setting the harm into motion. True freedom only comes with full responsibility never from man made systems of limited liability.

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