Any Chance We Could Hunt A Human Here?

Today I want to share a story with you here that I find most disturbing. I have  no way of checking the veracity except that it was brought to my attention by an elderly gentleman and Kaumatua of the utmost integrity and whose standing in the Maori community is above reproach.

He has been a trusted facebook friend for a while now and this is what he published yesterday evening:


A whanau (family) member who does a lot of hunting had a very strange story to tell recently. Hunters tend to congregate together and share stories and information. This is a disturbing account of what a Kiwi hunting mate of his told him. His mate was hunting on DOC lands recently and shared a hut with two very rich aussie hunters. As the night was long and the stories of hunts swapped, the Aussies asked him if he had ever hunted and killed a human. The kiwi was shocked and obviously said no never. The Aussie went on tell of hunting Abos quite regularly, and no one ever worrying about them nothing is ever reported. They said their fathers and grandfathers all hunted the Abos killing families, men women and children leaving them in the outback. It appeared also that the police were never concerned about the murderous activity.

The Aussies asked the kiwi did it happen here and where could they go on a manhunt. The Kiwi said the chances are that they could get shot at first if they went into places they were not wanted. The Aussies offered to set up a hunt for him in Australia if he was interested in a manhunt.

There was another twist to this story seems the skeletal remains of a whole family was found all shot in the head from the rear. They were found in a oil exploration zone and was never reported. Seems the oil company and the police in the area came to an agreement and it was covered up.

It is unbelievable that this practice could still be going on today, and is inter-generational, and as such is regarded as a customary right. Also, it appears there was an expectation that they could hunt here in NZ and kill blacks (maori) in the bush for sport.

I have no idea or anyway of proving that this actually happened in Australia. I do believe the word of the whanau member that this discussion between his hunting buddy and these Aussies, actually took place very recently.

There is a lot of fear with the member having this knowledge. I do not know what to do about this knowledge. I contacted the Boomerang Justice group in Australia on FB and was told that this story is not a new and happens quite often with the govt and police covering up.

I now look at an aussie with different eyes and wonder are you one of these pathetic humans who needs to get high on the killing of a beautiful people, and do you relish the challenge of hunting me or my whanau for sport. Rest assured whanau the more things look different the more they stay the same.


5 thoughts on “Any Chance We Could Hunt A Human Here?

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  2. Two Kiwi mates in OZ during the 60s came across night shooting of abo dessert communities in separate incidents. It was real and nick named a “Roo hunt’ The 4x4s also ran people down as they tried to flee. The cops would not accept a complaint and advised them both to watch themselves.

  3. In the late 80’s hitch hiking in far north queensland I met some people who put me up for the night. Then later the next day asked me if I’d like to go out a kill an Abo in the evening. 4×4 with spot lights.

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