Chris Hedges On The Pathology Of The Rich Or Why You Shouldn’t Trust Rich Guys Playing Golf

Most people think our leaders are stupid and they very well may be but they also have something most of us don’t have. They have been raised to believe that no matter how stupid they are, they are entitled to the best treatment, the best food, the best service and the best of everything generally.

Why? Because everybody has been telling them they do from the day they were born. If you think this resembles the pathology of what is generally known as Malignant Narcissism you would not be far wrong. Which is why people like John Key are so well suited to the role of being super rich even though he grew up on a council estate.

If you teach a kid he is entitled to the best and train it to cut corners, cheat and lie to get there because it is it’s right you make an excellent situation for a kid with narcissistic tendencies to flourish  in an essentially narcissistic/psychopathic environment and if you read the first paragraph of the unauthorized biography of John Key which appeared in the NZH in 2008 you will understand what I mean:

One day around 1971, John Key arrived home from school, flopped down his bag and made an announcement: “I’m going to learn to play golf.”

He was about 10, a cheerful but unremarkable pupil at Cobham Intermediate. His family – mother Ruth and older sisters Liz and Sue – lived in a state house on Hollyford Ave in the Christchurch suburb of Burnside. Inside, the turquoise carpet was offset by orange and black sofas, the lounge cleaned and tidied to motel standard. There wasn’t room to practise putting, let alone a chip shot, on the bare, sloping front yard.

The family blanched. “He might as well have said he wanted to fly to the moon as far as we were concerned,” says Sue. “Mum said, ‘Why do you want to do that? That’s going to cost money!”‘

John, the man of the house since his father died several years before and the light in his Jewish mother’s eyes, sat down and explained himself.

“He’d figured out that business guys have golf lunches,” says Sue. “He told us ‘I have to start working on those skills now so when I need them they’re in place’.”

I bet you his mum made sure he got to learn golf. Not because he loved the “sport” but her little prince was going to get what he wanted and she was proud of him figuring this important rule out about doing business. Business is done on the golf course. He was right. Our sovereignty is traded away on the golf courses of this world. Him and Obama know this and it got them some nice pictures to prove they were up there with the very rich doing what the very rich do.

2 thoughts on “Chris Hedges On The Pathology Of The Rich Or Why You Shouldn’t Trust Rich Guys Playing Golf

  1. I tell you what, most people poo-poo the Jew connection. I fully believe that he got to where he is through and because of his Jewishness. Can’t be a coincidence that his big fat Jew nose took him down the path of banking and finance just like the rest of the crooked international financiers (who should all be hung btw). Perhaps he is even Mossad. That wouldn’t surprise me.

    • I have a problem with this.

      First of all Judaism is a religion and Jews are people who adhere to the teachings of their religion. To be a Jew is not being part of a special race. Point one!

      Secondly Israel, as many religious Jews point out, is not a Jewish state. It is a secular state build on the premise that “Jews” are a separate and uniquely superior race who, because of their prosecution in Germany, where entitled to kick the Palestinians of the land they had been living on for thousands of years in order to establish what for many Religious Jews is a blasphemy: A secular state on the holy land of God and they argue vehemently that the land stolen from the Palestinians should be given back and the state of Israel should be abolished.

      Thirdly, While many bankers in the upper echelons of the banking industry are “Jews” there are many many who are white Anglo-Saxon protestants too so to come here with the old NAZI meme that it’s all the Jews fault doesn’t wash with me and you should consider yourself warned.

      Has John Key been selected by the secular upper echelon bankers for banking greatness and has he been groomed as our PM by them? Quite possibly. Corrupt, greedy and power hungry people are always attractive to the powers that be because they are prepared to do the dirty work for them.
      Does John Key sympathize with the state of Israel? Considering his track record I dare say he has.
      Is John Key Mossad? I doubt it.
      Is John Key a possible Sayan (Helper of Israel like Sarkozy was)? Quite possibly.
      Is he a Jew? Unless he goes to the Synagogue, respects Jewish religious rules, respects Shabath and believes in Jaweh I suspect to Religious Jews that means an emphatic no.

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