Kalashnikov Feels Quilty. Umm….

Kalashnikov has a tiny problem. He felt quilty. Well… with 1 AK-47 for every 70 human beings. I reckon he most definetly was part of the problem.

This in the newspapers this morning:

In the months before his recent death, the world’s greatest gun-maker Mikhail Kalashnikov suffered ‘unbearable’ pain over the lost lives caused by his weapons, an extraordinary new letter reveals.

He sought urgent spiritual guidance from Russia’s top churchman on whether he was guilty in the eyes of God, according to his emotional appeal to the Orthodox Patriarch.

Kalashnikov died in December aged 93, but the letter penned eight  months earlier from the inventor of the AK-47 showed a startlingly different attitude than his usual practice of blaming politicians for the wars in which his guns were used.

‘The pain in my soul is unbearable, and there is one matter I cannot resolve,’ he admitted in his personal missive to Patriarch Kirill.

‘If my machine gun has taken lives of people, does it mean that it is me, Mikhail Kalashnikov, aged 93, the son of a peasant, an Orthodox Christian, who is guilty of the deaths of people, even if they are enemies?’

Yet earlier in his life he was almost flippant when asked about whether he could sleep at night knowing that his 100 million guns had caused the deaths of untold numbers.
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