Ariel Sharon Dies. May He NRIP.

Ariel Sharon was a terrorist. He terrorized Palestinians. He terrorized his own people with the fear mongering he needed to justify his twisted, criminal and murderous outlook on life. He was kept alive to terrorize the people he terrorized in life.

He has lived in purgatory for the last 8 years while his body was attached to machines for that very purpose. He was not a lone wolf terrorist but part of a hideous system of terror and apartheid and hatred that will endure after his passing. May he not rest in  peace. May he come back as a fly in the filthy, polluted streets of Gaza where, thanks to his policies and those of the system he represented, millions of people live in daily fear of their lives and be swathed by those he humiliated and terrorized at least once for every single human being forced to suffer in the ghettos of Gaza, Sabra and Shatila. Amen.

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