Refresh Your Computer It Said…

Aaargh, It’s official, I hate Windows 8. I hate Microsoft with a vengeance of course as anyone with a brain ought to but so far Linux hasn’t come up with the goods and it seems even that is now infiltrated with a backdoor for the NSA but this morning they outdid themselves.

My mouse stopped working and I had to work my way to the control panel and recovery with the keyboard.

I found this handy “refresh” option and thought why not. It turns out that it basically means reinstall every frigging program you ever installed and in my case that is a lot. Sigh!

Thank God that for the first time ever all my programs are legal and I will survive since all my files, documents etc where spared annihilation but it will set me back a couple of hours so that means not a lot of news this morning.

3 thoughts on “Refresh Your Computer It Said…

  1. You should seriously look at the “new” installations of Linux. They will run side by side with Windows and at anytime you require something ‘special’ you can always reboot. Both my browser FF and email program Thunderbird use the same profiles from Windows so there’s no chance in loosing information or tabs. As for the other programs there are compatables that will share similar file associations. I’m using Windows 7 and Linux Mint 15 KDE version.

  2. Join the club. I am going to cling to XP as long as I can and use it just for writing. I do not understand why Microsoft couldn’t accept that they had a real winner with this programme and produce a Second Edition as they did with Windows 98. Many of the so called refinements of 7 could have been built in. The equivalent of Windows Explorer on either 7 or 8 is now too clever by far for simplicity of organising files and folders – or finding anything even after a couple of years using it.
    I’ll use my laptop with 7 for emails and use flash pens to carry stuff too and from mu XP PC. I would move to Ubuntu (if only in memory of Mandela!) but it is not easy to install. ISO files are another devils invention. And then you have the learning curve to deal with.
    Glad you files and docs were spared. I am backed several years up on external drives – very handy seeing how often certain software falls out of fashion but is worth keeping handy.

    • I am so over it. If I hadn’t been on bloody computers for over 25 years and counting I would have been at a total loss with this piece of shit. All about making you more dependent on the system.

      I got around Vista alright but my old computer is getting really old. I want to salvage from that what I can and reformat and make it my internet, writing and photoshop computer for as long as it lasts.

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