On Cannabis, Private Jails and Propaganda Or Why We Have to Legalize It ASAP

I don’t smoke. Never have and never will. I have lived in Holland for the first 50 years of my life and have always found the fascination with Cannabis a bit of a curiosity as we left a little baggie on the bed of friends visiting  because it would save us a trip to the  corner coffee shop and inevitably stoned out of their skull friends for the rest of the day.

But and that was a big but it was there for people to use if wanted and people who smoked usually preferred it over alcohol and it made for a peaceful youth without too much alcohol fueled drama. My friends like listening to hippie music (I did too) and did so lying on a couch looking blissfully happy while I spend most of my time exceedingly sober (That changed later in life but my youth was that of a lonely sobriety) . Most of them went on to have successful lives and careers and I dare  say probably even more so than many who drank. Only a lone exception went on to heavier drugs as the market was strictly divided in soft and hard drugs and being addicted to meth or speed as it was called or heroine was considered to be  a losing proposition for most of us.

In their infinite wisdom our school board decided to educate us on the dangers of each drug and left us to decide for ourselves and it saved the life of at least one kid who had a bad trip and went to school to find us and we knew how to help and get him back to a saver place (In case you have a friend who is in that situation give him/her as much sugar as you can dissolved in water and give him/her a peaceful quite situation in which to let the trip subside).

So it should come as no surprise that I look upon “illegal” drugs differently than your average Kiwi who grew up with all the hype around how bad Cannabis was and while I don’t use any myself I have absolutely no problem with people who do.

Because my attitude is so different I don’t respond well to mainstream media demonizing what are mostly fairly harmless recreational drugs or for some religious drugs meant to bring you closer to the divine.  When a couple of weeks ago the first article appeared on stuff.co.nz with the horror story of a mum whose husband destroyed her life and that of her son who also became and “addict” to the devilish Cannabis my little red bullshit lights started to go bleep in the back of my head.

And over these past few weeks as I thought would happen many articles (here, here, here and here) have appeared in the Kiwi MSM and yesterday it was announced that a cannabis addiction self help page was launched to help Cannabis “addicts”.

Now I am not saying that you can’t get addicted to Cannabis. I myself have been known to suffer a serious licorice addiction and I am not the only one. There are people who drink so much Coca cola they die and some people eat their own hair but generally people know how to say no to too much of all of the above and the same goes for Cannabis.

And let’s face it Fat Freddy’s drop’s music would not exist if it wasn’t for “the Weed” so why is this concerted mainstream media attack on the common Cannabis smoker happening NOW!

One of the ways to find out why these things happen is to see if it happens elsewhere and lo and behold even in my native and free drug paradise Holland the same is happening. And while there are good reasons to hunt down murderous criminals who try try to monopolize the drug trade it is also a means to an end of another class to expand illegal spying on citizens who just want to go about their innocent and legal ways.

So why now?

Well while I can’t be sure of course here are some pointers:

  • The vast majority of the biggest prison population in the world, that of the US, are in jail for the crime of smoking pot or growing it in their backyard to make a little bit of extra cash by selling it to their neighbors.
  • The vast majority of these prison populations live in privatized jails.
  • These prison populations of these jails are forced to work for pennies on the dollar in factories making huge  profits for the private owners of these jails.
  • In the last year several US states have voted  to legalize the private use of Cannabis effectively making the collection of a relative docile and easy to heard prison population exploitable with little or no need for guards (like you would have if they where hardened and violent criminals) hard to impossible.
  • Countries such as Holland and New Zealand are  only just venturing into the privatization of their prison system and while the Dutch prisons where emptying out simply because  stoned people don’t commit crimes so why lock them up even here in New Zealand more and more people were getting quit lacks in their attitude towards cannabis and even policemen (like in Holland) have taken to the odd toke to chill out and think it should be legalized after a hard days slog instead of that silent cop killer Alcohol.
  • Last year several people lost their jobs here in NZ because after they had trained several prisoners to do their job, their boss fired them to have the  prisoners as a “captive” work force do their job very cheap instead. This of course was to help the prisoners adjust to civilian life after their release.

All of this gives me reason to believe where are heading for a lost generation of people who while perfectly peaceful and if somewhat stoned will be put in privatized jails to work for slave wages in slave circumstances while good hardworking folks will be forced to compete against these impossibly low wages driving them into poverty and crime adding to the prison population working for peanuts forcing other good people to compete…..

If you think this is a good idea and will help clean up New Zealand of all of them dirty pot smoking criminals all you have to do is nothing and all will be well.

If like me you would like all those who like to smoke their weed while otherwise happily engaged in family life and jobs to go about their marry way and build their lives the way they see fit than it might pay to support those police officers who think that legalizing cannabis will be a good thing and get it over and done with.

4 thoughts on “On Cannabis, Private Jails and Propaganda Or Why We Have to Legalize It ASAP

  1. After breast cancer surgery, I followed the Surgeon’s orders and went through chemo. If you’ve never had it, it’s hard to describe. I explain it this way, it feels like every cell in your body is dying all at once. My beloved nephew lived with me at the time and got me some marijuana. It was much too powerful to smoke but he got me some ‘edibles’ – brownies, cookies, lolly pops, just small things I could nibble on without throwing them back up. It helped immensely, right from the start. I was in the unfortunate position of having to work while on chemo, so any help I could get just to get myself cleaned up and to work at a reasonable hour took all my effort. Finally, after about 4 months of the chemo and having tried 3 different kinds, I told my Oncologist that the chemo was killing me and I refused to take it any more. She sent me packing, telling me that it was my fault if I got cancer again.
    Well, 5 years later, I did. After surgery, I just simply refused chemo and went straight a Doctor to get a Medical Marijuana Card and I found through a supplier a wonderful tincture. It didn’t give me the strong effect of feeling really stoned, just mellowed me, calmed me. This came in handy for the sever pain I was left with after they cut apart all of the nerves in my breast. Now, 5 years after the fact, I still have severe nerve pain but I use the tincture every once in a while to ‘calm my nerves’. It should not only be legalized, it should be prescribed by any HUMANE cancer surgeon or oncologist. What is criminal is keeping this valuable medicine away from those who need it.

    • Yes I did not write about this element of the story but it most certainly is a big part of it. I simply don’t know enough to write about that part. Much more research and honest work needs doing in order to make this the medicine available to people.The scary thing is that big Pharma is doing so but that will mean the monopolization of the plant in order to extract more billions of people like you suffering from debilitating diseases.

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