They can’t locate any of the 3 molten reactor cores!

Doesn’t anybody get this? THREE melted cores are fizzing away on their way to the other side of the globe in an uncontrolled nuclear meltdown and nobody gives a f^&k??? Why is this not on the front page of every friggin news paper, on every TV channel and everybody’s lips???? HELLOOOO….. anybody out there?????

Oh I forgot, the MSM is in the hands of the same scumbags that build nuclear reactors, manipulates LIBOR and gold and who started every single war ever. But conspiring???? Neh never, they wouldn’t do that to us!!!

the Japanese are not able to locate three molten reactor cores. There is ongoing discussion of whether the cores have undergone a meltdown or a melt-through of the containment vessels, Buesseler said. “You can’t send humans in there. It takes decades to come up with a plan,” he said. “It’s bad. It’s definitely not over yet.”

Asia Times, Nov. 18, 2013: At least some of the reactor cores are believed to have melted through the containment vessels, and possibly into the ground, contaminating groundwater with unprecedented levels of hot particles.

Kyodo, Nov. 20, 2013: The Nos. 5 and 6 reactors […] will not actually be dismantled and instead will be used as a research facility to develop technologies for achieving the unprecedented task of removing melted fuel from the Nos. 1 to 3 crippled reactors […]


6 thoughts on “They can’t locate any of the 3 molten reactor cores!

  1. Yeah Ev – so desensitised, Most of what is being said int his article would go over most people’s heads because there is fishing or shopping to do.

    I stopped diving two years ago because I knew that the gooberments would never tell our citizens of the reality.

    If folk want to catch up on the reality of this situation I suggest tuning into RadChick at Fukushima Facts here
    I want to stress here that the radiation HAS HIT THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE via the Pacific Ocean. It is already on the coast of Australia and you know what that means for NZ.
    Invest in a good Geiger counter and LEARN ABOUT RADIATION MITIGATION. And learn fast because as folk in the alternative media realise the situation is not just going to affect the other hemisphere – there will be a rush on iodine, zeolites, natural health products and do you want to be the one with the unprotected family?

    You could go to a macrobiotic diet suggests independent scientist, Leuren Moret (Morets site ) Ms Moret said the people in the prefecture of Fukushima that are still well are those eating the traditional diet.
    Brown rice, miso, Japanese pickle (usually root veggies), and umaybashi (salty plum paste you can buy in Japanese stores)”
    She mentioned root veggies are the best diet because they grow in the ground below the upper dust level (2-3 cm) where the rad concentrates. They are also extremely nutritious.
    She went on to say it is best to get your needs from nature if you can possibly do so.

    Dr. Mark Sircus comes with highest approval for his knowledge on such things as radiation mitigation. These articles about the use of Iodine, they are essential. Lugol’s and Nascent Iodine and clearly states the various uses of both of them.

    This youtube channel is watching the current removal

    Thank you Ev for tackling this subject. I suspect the folk down under think that somehow they are immune to radiation given that they think it can’t pass the equatorial winds.

  2. Video Taken by Surface Boat in Flooded Torus Room in Reactor 1 at Fukushima I NPP

    What is the organic matter that Radchick questioned as being mold? Cracks and leaked material along the weld lines? You decide.

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