Qatar, The United Emirates And New Zealand Are Training For Short Notice Call Ups From NATO Response Force (NRF) This Year

When John “rent-a-crowd” Key signed us up for NATO in May 2012 I wrote a piece about what we could expect.

When John Key told Breakfast TV that the demonstrators on the beaches where just part of the Green’s rent-a-crowd telephone list he was probably a tad confused. The real rent-a-crowd is of course the New Zealand army who is not only learning how to depose unwanted Prime Ministers on the South Island but is now training with amongst others Qatari troops in Cornwall, UK to be able to jump when our dear leader (no make that his bankster masters) tell(s) them too in another war for G(old)O(il)D(rugs), Queen and Country. Here it is straight from the  NATO website:

This will be the first time that the ARRC has conducted a training exercise on this scale since the unit moved from its former location in Germany to the UK in 2010.

Participating in this exercise will be units and troops from ARRC Partner Nations Denmark, Canada, Italy, the United States and Portugal, as well as personnel from Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and New Zealand – all-in-all totalling some 2000 military and civilian personnel.

Additionally, FUSION will present the headquarters with an opportunity to begin training for the ARRC’s next challenge, that of becoming an Integrated Land Command, or ILC.

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