My Choice 25-11-2013:

I wish I had the time to make all of these in separate posts but I’m currently trying to finish a publication for a bigger News outlet,so here goes:

As Anadarko starts drilling 1.5 Km deep with an experimental rig taking huge risks with our pristine coasts in the territory of one of our most endangered  sea mamals teh Maui Dolphin it pays to know a few  things about what is happening or has happened in the past with previous oil spills:

On Nuts:


  • “A very alarmingly high number” — Magazine: Fukushima released up to 100,000 times more cesium-137 in surface ocean waters than Chernobyl or nuclear weapons testing.
  • Photos: ‘Lots of sea birds washing up dead’ in Alaska
  • Why TEPCO is Risking the Removal of Fukushima Fuel Rods. The Dangers of Uncontrolled Global Nuclear Radiation

How to effectively kill off any right to demonstrate or free speech:

  • You just charge would be protestors ridiculous amounts of money for a permit. Say $ 5000!

And if that doesn’t stop them just kill enough to strike the fear of God in them


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