JFK And The Unmentionable.

President JF Kennedy’s Assassination murder changed history. We were told that 1 bullet changed direction three times and Lee Harvey Oswald, who stated that he was a patsy just before he was murdered shot the president from an impossible angle.

JFK’s head defied the laws of physics by slamming backward into the direction of the bullet rather than forward as it should have been and Jackie tried to get out of the car while really she was trying to retrieve a piece of his skull which magically flew towards the bullet instead of away.

After 50 years and countless of analyses proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the official Conspiracy Theory was a complete fraud cracks in the official story are finally appearing and as was to be expected the suppression is intensifying and state violence to stop people from speaking out is increasing.

Here is what bodyguard Clinton Hill who pushed Jacky back into the car when she tried to retrieve the missing piece of skull, had to say about it:

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