Update: Navy Ships Located in Devonport Left Early Yesterday. Maybe To Anadarko Ground Zero!

Update 2: Rumor has it that NAvy ships stationed long term in Devonport left early yesterday!

Update: Rumor has it that the Navy is on its way to Anadarko’s ground zero.

If this is true and the Navy is used against it’s own people I hope you will agree with me that the government is not our government anymore.


The “Noble” Bob Douglas has arrived at ground Zero. The flotilla is holding its ground. 

A small boat is refusing to move from the site where Texan oil giant Anadarko intends to drill, despite the presence of the huge drilling ship, called the Noble Bob Douglas, around 600 metres away.

One of the support vessels for the drilling ship, the Hart Tide, is much closer to the flotilla boat, the Vega, which is currently above the drilling spot, which is one and half kilometres under the ocean surface.

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3 thoughts on “Update: Navy Ships Located in Devonport Left Early Yesterday. Maybe To Anadarko Ground Zero!

  1. AlI can say is if the Royal New Zealand Navy act against New Zealand citizens and in fact act in favour of a foreign company, NZ will never be the same! The implications of the NZ defence force acting against there own tax payers, citizens could be the catalyst for change of a type that we have never experienced since the Maori Land Wars. I believe as a nation this would be the end of government as we know it. Good luck and thank you to the flotilla members and get down to the beach this weekend to show support…

    • The greatest enemy to any government throughout each civilization has always been its own citizens, and each government has always been willing to use what ever force it has to defend itself.

  2. You brave souls have the hearts and prayers of millions of people who are with you on your vessels. You are a brave lot and I thank you with all my heart. Sending love to you all, Jilly

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