The Speeches of Catherine Delahunty and Hone Harawira

As per promised the speeches from Catherine Delahunty and Hone Harawira made on Saturday 16 in Raglan in support of the flotilla now sailing to Anadarko’s ground Zero! Feel free to share  them far and wide!!! With apologies for the missing first seconds of both speeches my reflexes were slow that day.

Catherine Delahunty:

Hone Harawira:

7 thoughts on “The Speeches of Catherine Delahunty and Hone Harawira

  1. Jenny, David Shearer is using reason & is correct, the focus should be on safeguards. Not ‘climate change’ which is so shot full of holes from every angle apart from one……Communist/Facist Corporate Media saturation & funding for one world state, which will incidentally be total madness for the environment inevitably as well, not that the environment is a consideration before equality of well being among a population in any environmentally balanced society.

    Watchin poster, ‘Piggy Muldoon’ was in open talks with Bruce Beetham of Social Credit who held alot of support throughout NZ, to use sovereign printing monetary rights for self-funding massive NZ infra-structure development. It was the political left that nixed this in the usual self-righteous way of far out base rhetoric promoting mis-information for the financial interests, & then the ‘hockin off’ started.

    • The focus should be on leaving the bloody oil in the ground. And as for which apparent “side left or right or straight down the middle” that sold us out that is irrelevant as they are both cheeks on the same ass working hand in hand despite the rhetorical drama played out to give the appearance of democracy. Politics is a sham designed to keep the masses distracted while the big boys make the decisions about how to run their corporations/countries/slave farms. If we dont face the truth about these things then the same old shenanigans will continue. These bullshit artists appear to do as they wish despite the wishes of the people because even they know its all a sick joke, sure occasionally they will let some things slide to give the impression they’re listening but its only done to create the appearance of legitimacy. And It will never matter who sits in the apparent throne.

      • Watchn, you are perfectly free to eliminate all products that involve the use of oil out of your life, including the computer that you type your posts on……

        The focus should be on the artificial scarcity of oil due to monopoly of finance owned Corporations, & shoddy safety practices, lack of accountability – all intimately related.

        Keep the oil in the ground etc is diversion (well funded) & part of the equation that routs the public’s liberty.

  2. The Greens and Mana are obviously totally opposed to deep sea oil drilling. What is Labour’s position?

    “Blow-up over oil blowout study”
    New Zealand Herald October 23, 2013

    Labour’s energy and resources spokesperson, David Shearer, said his party did not rule out deep-sea drilling but expected that any companies making applications would have to be “world class” and demonstrate they had robust safeguards in place.

    Labour says views on mining close to Govt’s
    NZ Herald July 27, 2012

    Labour’s finance spokesman, David Parker, says his party’s policies on oil, gas and mineral extraction are close to those of the Government.

    “I don’t think we are much different from National,” Parker said. “They’ve continued on with the programme that we started in respect to oil and gas,”

    • According to the Labour Party deputy leader, David Parker Labour’s policies on oil gas and mineral extraction are close to those of the government.

      And forget about climate change, Labour’s spokesperson on Energy, David Shearer says as long as there are robust safeguards, deep
      sea oil drilling is OK.

      Apart from ignoring Andarko’s terrible safety record. David Shearer does not even address the terrible danger the development of extreme unconventional oilreserves present to the climate.

      The danger to the climate presented by
      How does this square with Lynn Prentice claim that

  3. Piggy Muldoon traded this lands oil, gas and mineral rights back in the 70’s to the seven sisters in exchange for a huge national debt (GOVERNMENT DEBT) to the IMF and a nice off the books (“secret”) additional salary, an additional salary that every other PM since has enjoyed. To them its a forgone conclusion, they just have to keep their trap shut and get paid. Otherwise one morning they might not wake up…….

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