Raglan’s Skies, The New Normal!

Here are a few photos made over the last three days of the Chemtrails, the icy feathery veils developing from them and the inevitable ice clouds at the end with rain bow colors and even a nice bit of EMF waves thrown in!

Here are the ones from 17-11-2013:


Here come the planes


Not the first trail of that day


Layer upon layer


Several attacks over several hours.


Covering the skies with feathery ice veils


EMF experiments?

The sky at night. Bizarre and unreal.

The sky at night. Bizarre and unreal.

Here are some from 15-11-2013:


My farmer neighbor is confused about the cloud formations and just want’s to get on with his life. I can’t blame him.


5 thoughts on “Raglan’s Skies, The New Normal!

  1. I saw that yesterday evening when I was out there around 7:00pm for dinner. I thought ‘ICK!’ and also saw what looked like a few commercial jets passing ‘over’ Kariori ( although would’ve been way over the tasman), with timed trail releases.

  2. You must have oil operations happening – Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering and Big Oil/Military go hand in hand.

    Thanks for posting these Ev, you successfully show how the trails spread into cloud matter with the help of the frequencies from the radio/microwave towers that are both on land and out to sea.

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