NATO Plays Regime Change Game In Timaru And We’re OK With That!

New Zealand is now part of the big boys and Kiwi’s apparently love this idea. In fact they can’t wait to play the bad guys so the good guys can practice how to implement REGIME change which while spun like it is a good thing is of course a WAR CRIME.

Largely outside of the scrutiny of the NZ media who spin the exercise as a good ole boys Kiwi military exercise and entirely outside of the global media the military of the US, the UK, France and Poland to name a few are practicing the removal of a political figure head who doesn’t want to leave office and is protected by a militia.

No matter how you turn this, regime change in a country which is not engaged in military action against your country is a war crime and for New Zealand to be engaged in such an exercise ney to actually host such and exercise is highly questionable. Where is the MSM in this and why is nobody asking questions. Are Kiwis this lethargic and ignorant?


Farmers, shopkeepers, police officers and a mayor have volunteered to play “bad guys” in a large-scale realistic war game.

The military exercise, involving 2200 personnel from 10 countries including crack US Marines, is being played out in South Canterbury towns, ports, and farms.

Backroom staff at the New Zealand Defence Force have spent months concocting Exercise Southern Katipo 2013 – a scenario where the lower half of the South Island is a made-up Pacific nation called Mainlandia.

After 29 members of the ‘Mainlandia Defence Force’ were killed in a supposed ‘training accident’ in 2010, ethnic tension has erupted between the imagined ‘Bekaran’ and ‘Alpirian’ regions.

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4 thoughts on “NATO Plays Regime Change Game In Timaru And We’re OK With That!

  1. I’m not ok with this and never will be – turning our countries into war zones is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
    Your fucking frequency weapons are being used at full force never mind the hardware being carried by these young men. I think the hardware these men carry is actually more acceptable than the invisible microwave weapons being deployed over ALL new Zealanders.
    Disgusting mess we are in, debt to the eyeballs and its all deliberate. Hail John Key

  2. I was gob smacked when i saw it on tv3 the news anchor said “soldiers were poised to shoot” then cut to a bunch of soldiers with guns and a bunch of anti war protestors 😦

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