Sudden Deaths? Why Don’t You Call It What It Is: SUICIDE!!!

New Zealand is a bad country for kids. I have never been in a country where the culture is such that all the racist sexist Anglo Saxon dysfunctionality is systematically dumped on its children.

And to add insult to injury when children bullied and loaded with all that pain anger and grief kill themselves they don’t call it what it is but they call it sudden death because God forbid we may give other children an escape from their torment.As if that is the preferred method of escape for kids.

No it isn’t! Kids want to live and if their mates start to kill themselves they need to know that those outcries despair are heard. Not hidden away under insulting misnomers such as “Sudden deaths”. It isn’t sudden for these poor bullied kids that should have been loved and nurtured by their parents, by their villages and by their schoolteachers. It is hours, days, weeks of agony, sadness and indecision. There is nothing sudden about it. Except for those left in the aftermath.


The sudden deaths of two Flaxmere College pupils in the past 10 days have sparked warnings for the Hawke’s Bay community to look out for signs of self harm.

It is believed the two pupils were 15-year-old girls on the verge of their level 1 NCEA exams.

As exams began at the college yesterday, a mental health expert, police, district councillors, Maori health providers and Ministry of Education staff held a crisis meeting to address concerns for its roll of 300 pupils.

Simon Shaw, clinical director of mental health services at Hawke’s Bay District Health Board, who attended the meeting, said it was vital that the community was alert for signs that caused concern.

“We need people to feel it’s all right to ask for help and to talk about difficulties, whether it’s on behalf of yourself or a friend. The best way to prevent self-harm is through early detection of problems, and to provide support before it reaches a crisis point.

“Changes in mood, academic performance, or themes emerging on depression, death, suicide, grief – all these are things to watch for.”

He called on parents and friends of young people and others in the community to take a role.

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