Way to go!!! Flotilla to take on oil giant Anadarko!!!

( Hat tip the contrail)

To all Raglan fishers and sea faring folk this is the moment to join this effort to stop Anadarko from destroying our pristine coast!


The Oil Free Seas flotilla will confront a Texan oil company’s drilling ship over 100 nautical miles off the North Island’s west coast in the coming weeks.

The flotilla will set sail in the next few days from Auckland, Wellington, Kaikoura, Bay of Islands and Bluff, and will head to the drilling site, which is 110 nautical miles west of Raglan.

Texan oil company Anadarko is due to start drilling around the middle to the end of November, using the previously untested drill ship the Nobel Bob Douglas.

The flotilla, made up of seven boats, is a loose association of individuals and boat owners who oppose deep-sea drilling and the new legislation that takes away New Zealanders’ long-standing right to peacefully protest at sea. One of the boats taking part, the Vega, also sailed against French nuclear tests in the Pacific.

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4 thoughts on “Way to go!!! Flotilla to take on oil giant Anadarko!!!

  1. The oil industry, like politics, is a false paradigm.

    These oil exploration endeavours are within a greater context of the banking controlled oil corporations deliberately creating artificial scarcity in the overall oil supply, & thus maintaining it under their control.

    The issues for oil, like many hi-jacked ‘Green’ environmental issues, that would serve the public interest are inter-related ones relating to safety practises & monopolies of supply….which is why Green type environmentalism gets funding & media to protest & create big stinks over devisive & diversionary smoke screens.

    • Couldn’t agree more. And you can also add to that the supressions of alternative energy sources and more efficient motors in order to keep the populations enslaved with high energy prices.

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